For Member-Firm Clients 

If you are a client of one of ValidPath's Member-Firms (or, as the Regulator calls them, 'Appointed Representatives'), then this page is for you.

ValidPath is probably not a name you have heard of before, and in your ongoing dealings with your Adviser, we sincerely hope that we will never have to intrude in any significant way.  Nevertheless, every time you deal with your Adviser, ValidPath will be there, operating invisibly behind the scenes.  Our objectives overlap absolutely with the overall objective of your Adviser - namely the delivery of the best quality independent financial advice, aimed at generating excellent financial outcomes for yourself.  So here's a little information about what we do, and who we are - which we hope will be of some help.

(1) What we do

  • ValidPath is responsible for getting your Adviser authorised under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • On an ongoing basis we monitor the quality of their work, and supply them with guidance to assist them in delivering the best outcomes
  • We work hard at interpreting the voluminous and complex regulations generated by the FCA, and apply them in a way which is comprehensible for our Members
  • We do the rather onerous compliance and regulatory work so that your Adviser can focus on delivering the best possible service to yourself, without distraction
  • We supply a range of best-in-class systems and resources to support the delivery of genuinely excellent independent financial advice
  • We provide a number of other resources including (perhaps) one of the lowest-cost and most efficient investment propositions in the UK
  • We collect, and pay, the fees that the FCA demands in order for your Adviser to provide you with a service
  • We're involved in administering the agency relationships required in relation to every product-provider that your Adviser deals with
  • We organise specialist training and other support materials from the best providers, in order to help maintain the technical excellence of your Adviser
  • We publish our own ethical and professional standards guidance in order to maintain the best possible culture supporting financial advice
  • If a dispute arises between a client and his or her Adviser, we'll do our best to help sort things out
  • We maintain 'Professional Indemnity' (PI) insurance to cover instances of proven negligence

(2) Who we are

  • An FCA-regulated 'Network', established in 2002
  • A firm absolutely committed to the principles of genuinely independent financial advice
  • We are based in Cardiff with offices in London.
  • We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under Firm Reference Number 197107.  You can find us listed on the FCA Register, along with all of our Member Firms, spread right across the UK.

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