Downing College Conference: 8th September 

This is a holding page for joining instructions for those ValidPath Members who are attending our conference on the 8th September, 2017.  The full postal address for the venue is:  Downing College, Regent Street, Cambridge CB2 1DQ.

Firstly, please be clear on where you are heading, if journeying by car - here is the google map of the location.  

Downing College is located on Regent Street, and you'll get one bite at the cherry when it comes to accessing it, as the road turns into a one-way system a little further along.  You'll be coming from the south from the ringroad, and when you spot Pizza Hut on your right, brace yourself as the entrance is almost immediately on your left.  See the attached instructions for accessing the campus.

Downing College entrance, Porters' Lodge on the left

Secondly, we've put together a leaflet containing your joining instructions and a map of the college campus, which you can download by clicking here.

And, finally, here is a set of general instructions from Downing College, which govern our stay on the premises.

Safe travels - we look forwards to your company and participation!

Kevin Moss, 31/08/2017